Thursday, January 25, 2018

Good Leadership: Am I Swimming Against the Current?

I recently asked myself, “Why do you try so hard to proselytize good leadership when every day our televisions scream with examples of bad leadership at the highest government and corporate levels?" It’s a reasonable question and I know that many of my friends, professional and personal alike, think I am on a Quixotic, albeit noble, quest without much hope of success.

Yes, I confess that many times it feels like I’m swimming against the current.  Do I get angry?  Do I feel frustrated?  Do I get tired?  The answer to all of these questions is “You bet I do!”
But then I find inspiration in the current cadre of women who are standing up and speaking out for good leadership and then running for political office in every level of government.   I’m inspired by women who are taking it to the mat in fighting against sexual harassment in the workplace.  And, I’m inspired by the grit and leadership of the woman who, even with facing the potential of losing her job, confronted her boss when she discovered his manipulation of quality improvement statistics. 

Yes! I get angry, I fell frustrated, and I get tired.  But my inspiration exceeds all these emotions.  For a better, saner, safer and more just world, we must all find the inspiration to forward good leadership at every level and venue of life.  There's just too much at stake not to do it.

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