Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Forget the Wish List for 2018!

December 26, 2018.

Forget the Wish List for 2018!

New Year’s Resolutions frequently are no more than a wish list of things that probably aren’t obtainable or are so ambiguous that they can’t be measured.   For example, Sue wishes she could be a millionaire; Deanna wants to travel more; Nikki wants to spend more time with her family.  Wish lists like these are formulas that set you up for failure!

Instead, set yourself up for success!  Ditch the list of unobtainable or unmeasurable wishes for 2018 and make a concrete goal (aka resolution) to do or change something in 2018 that is possible, measurable, and personally fulfilling for you.  

For instance:

Sue can change wishing to be a millionaire to a specific goal of:
  • By February 1st, I will contact a financial adviser to help me develop a five year financial plan that will increase my net worth within five years by 20 percent
Deanna can change her wish list to the following concrete goals:

·         Between January 1st and February 28th I will explore five different travel destinations
·         By March 1st, I will choose two travel destinations for 2018
·         By April 1st, I will have made all my travel arrangements for my two trips

Nikki can change her wish list to a specific goal of:
·         Each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I will spend one hour and have dinner with my family.

Contrast the wish lists with the specific resolutions.  The resolutions are outcomes that are clear, measurable and obtainable. 

Studies show that setting unrealistic goals sets people up for failure experiences that can have a negative impact on their self-esteem and confidence.  So forget the Wish List for 2018 and make one measurable, possible, and personally fulfilling resolution that sets you up for success.